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The Black Russian Terrier is a calm, confident, and courageous dog with a self-assurance which sometimes is rather aloof towards strangers.  They are highly intelligent and extremely reliable.  They were bred to guard and protect.  The BRT requires human contact and is not a dog to be left outside.  They want to be close to family members at all times and are very loyal companions.  Obedience training and early and continued socialization are required in order to keep the breed from becoming overly protective.  Because of their intelligence, they excel in Obedience and Agility competition, and other working dog sports.





Czar' Warriors wants you to also know the Black Russian Terrier is not a dog for the average or first time dog owner. They are brave and confident, and dominant. They can be a bully, and when you have a larger dog, he will look naturally challenging to other dogs. After all, they are bred to look intimidating.  So a firm but fair hand, and consitant timely discipline is essential. But don't confuse discipline with punishment.  When we say this dog needs a fair hand, we mean that a male espeically will not tolerate being picked on, or punished too far. Don't be surprised if this dog learns someting in 2-3 tries, and becomes bored of repetition number 6. It may look like disobedience.


Because Black Russian Terriers are considered a guard/take down dog, it is no surprise the standard describes them as large, robust and muscular. This is a PHYSICAL dog.  They can be a couch potato, especially as adults. They wander around after you and throw themselves down to wait for your next activity.  But when they move, they are off the ground on their feet at full speed before you can get out of the way.


So temperament becomes something to be balanced in BRT's. We want and need the physical excellence, the brute strength, but we have to aim for a reliable dog, that you can count on to follow your lead.  When they do think for themselves, and that is often, a good temperament can help the decision process follow the correct path.  Work with the nature of the dog, he is standoffish. Until he is used to it, it might not be the best thing to take him to an outdoor concert packed with people jumping around and oohing and ahhing too closely.


He will feel his reason for living is to protect you. Strangers at the door, people throwing their arms around you at a picnic...could send a unsocialized dog into protective mode.  A family member screaming in a bratty fit, or a game that is too rowdy, could cause the dog to investigate and intervene.


They are fun loving and a good romp is wonderful to them.  But they can't be allowed to knock down grandma, or snatch the food from a child's hand. Female dogs especially, love children. They will play, nurture and guard them.


So understand what this breed is really like on the inside. Be sure any breed of dog you get is right for you. Do your homework.

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