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My first Black Russian Terrier - Czar, has become my service dog.


I wouldn't have considered this type of dog for tasks more usually done by Labradors, Goldens, Shepherds, or Border Collies.


Moving around is difficult for me sometimes. I have spinal complications with degenerating disks and spine. When I saw someone else with a BRT as a service dog, for a completely different reason it occurred to me that my large, strong, obedient, confident dog is actually perfect for the job, as, "My SERVICE  DOG". Especially when you factor in how well trained and socialized he is.


I asked for information and found out the rules and regulations, and about the Americans with Disabilities Act.  I found out about certification programs (that the ADA does not require by the way), and talked to people about their experiences.


Let me tell you, even though Czar helps BALANCE me while walking, steady me while standing, aides me in getting up & down from sitting positions, pulls my weight when climbing stairs, and helps my confidence in moving...I was shaking in my boots thinking about taking him in that first restaurant! That first hotel! Our first plane ride!  I was lucky enough to have another  service dog's handler go with me the first few times. Having an knowledgeable "team" to guide me through those first public experiences was critical to my being able to go out and move confidently in public  with my disability. My service dog mentor team ..was right, in general service dogs are understood, and well tolerated by the public. I have had no trouble going anywhere.


So I guess what I am trying to say...not so much on the dog breeding side, but on the human side...don't be afraid to take the needed steps forward to lean on your service dog. If I can help with information and contacts or if you need to follow someone else into that restaurant, hotel, movie theater ...Czar & I would be thrilled to lead the way and you can buy breakfast.


               - Anita and Czar

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Service Dog

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Owner: Anita Castro-Marlowe    (602) 722-9411   [email protected]

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