RAE Title Day   (Rally Advanced Excellent)

10th RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)  11/20/2010 Judge: Carol Mett 2nd place (score 97 out of 100)
10th RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)  3rd place (score 95 out of 100)

9th RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)  11/14/2010 Judge: Sue Cox 1st place (score 95 out of 100)
9th RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)   5th place (score 95 out of 100)

8th RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)   11/13/2010 Judge: Susan Bluford 1st place (score 89 out of 100)
8th RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)  4th place (score 98 out of 100)

7th RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)   7/11/2010 Judge: Kathy Moore 4th place (score 86 out of 100)
7th RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)   (score 93 out of 100)

6th RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)   7/10/2010 Judge: Kenneth Buxton (score 87 out of 100)
6th RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)   (score 88 out of 100)

5th RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)  7/9/2010 Judge: Louise C. Botko (score 93 out of 100)
5th RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)   (score 95 out of 100)

4th RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)  6/20/2010 Judge: Alvin W. Eng 3rd place (score 74 out of 100)
4th RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)   4th place (score 88 out of 100)

3rd RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)   6/19/2010 Judge: Karen TenEyck-Augusta (score 79 out of 100)
3rd RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)   (score 88 out of 100)

2nd RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)  5/9/2010 Judge: Kim A. Jacobs (score 91 out of 100)
2nd RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)   (score 92 out of 100)

1st RE Leg   (Rally Excellent)  5/82010 Judge: Kim A. Jacobs (score 71 out of 100)
1st RA Leg   (Rally Advanced)   (score 84 out of 100)

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