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Buy the best dog food you can comfortably afford. You  can also feed a homemade diet, and a completely raw diet.  Always read about your breeds' needs, and how to monitor and use homemade or raw diets. Not the best Idea to just throw a hunk of road kill out there and expect the best results.  



Be aware what allergies look like. An allergy can manifest as scratching, hair falling out, runny eyes, ear infections diarhea, coughing, and a host of other things.


 Learning Canine First Aide is a good idea too. And find a vet before you need one. Taking the puppy in for visits that are pleasant just to socialize and perhaps get treats, is a wonderful way to make the vet a comfortable experience.


Pet Flow is a wonderful economical delivered pet food service (don't forget to order for the cat too).


Pet Food Advisor evaluates pet food. This is also a very handy tool to understand the ingredients in food, by learning how to read the labels.


Look for information about the nutritional needs of Large Breed Puppies.  They grow fast, and need a lot of nutrition, but some sources think that some nutritional ingredients need to be limited until the dog grows into his body better.  Talk to your vet about it, and try to make an informed decision.



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