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Grooming your BLack Russian Terrier is essential for keeping matts and dead hair out, close inspection of the health of the skin, and it can be good for socialization and bonding. The style you choose is highly personal But here are some considerations.


For showing, grooming is supposed to be about the dogs form,  coat type, and substance of bone and muscle. There is no doubt however, that the perfect grooming on a particular dog can make a difference to how that dog is perceived. Regional or international influences may need to be considered also.


Pet grooming can be anything you like. I like my babies to look like the breed  on show, but that would be so much daily work! So in off times, I kinda stay middle of the road. Remember if you do want to show your dog, never cut the face hair; and use tremendous discretion when cutting any leg hair . Face hair is the "fall", which falls over the eyes, the beard, and the mustache. You can however use gentle clips and bands to make braids or ponytails.  Use tremendous discretion when cutting any leg hair. That hair is called the "furnishings", and when showing must be long, full and dense.


Working dogs have different considerations for grooming.  For agility and water work, you may want to trim the fall or  preferably braid/pony tail it.  A police dog, could be at risk of his beard or face hair being grabbed to control him.  In both  play and work, you might have to consider shaving the body. So really think about what is safest, and also the most pleasing to you, given what activities you are up to.


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