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czar's Warriors

The only Kennel in the United States to have as its Foundation Sire

GCH, IABCA CACH, Sora's Pride of the Desert - Czar CDX, RAE, TT, SD, CGC,
the only Black Russian Terrier in History to have PERFECT Health in all 9 O.F.A. tests!

Breeding is the careful selection of choosing a mating pair that will improve the health, mind, movement, appearance, and proper characteristics of the breed.

For working breeds, like the Black Russian Terrier, that means the body functions correctly (hard, fast, tough) and the mind is agile (can accept command without hesitation, while being able to make correct independant thought). Wether a Black Russian Terrier is guarding a border, pulling a cart, or protecting its owner, it shouldn't have crippling hips or elbows, bad joints, weak heart, thyroid disfunctions, eyes or bladder problems. For all the training, care, love and food from the BRT's owner there is an expected return from the Black Russian Terrier of hard work and devotion for as many years as possible.

Today many people who purchase purebred dogs, desire what is seen on the outside. The time and attention of what is on the inside is not given much thought until sadly, later, the temperament and needs of the breed; or the appropriateness of what the breed's lifestyle should entail vs. what an owner can truely provide. So breeders may do what is called breeding down, to meet demand. That is a market model. Not a quality breeding model.

Czar's Warriors - Quality Black Russian Terriers, likes to think of breeding more like the Art of Collecting. You wouldn't change the engine on an original Mustang, you wouldn't uproot the vines of a fine wine producing grape and stick them in just any backyard and lessen the value of either. So we strive to keep the original parts, while building a healthier, faster, smarter, quality Black Russian Terrier. We back that up with health testing and working qualifications.

Unfortunately, temperamant and health conditions are a "Don't ask, Don't tell" situation with many breeders.

That is why Czar's Warriors demands and gives full disclosure! You have the right to know what you are getting!

A Working Dog like the Black Russian Terrier should have
Conformation titles, Obedience titles, Temperamant Titles, and Performance Titles!

A kennel that can't give each and everyone of it's Black Russian Terriers's a solid mind and body foundation, is not a kennel, its a place that takes your money and hopes ............

Czar's Warriors - Are the Quaddruple Threat!
Conformation, Obedience, Performance, and Health