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There are conformation clubs in nearly every country.  They all have different rules, or standards for the Black Russian Terrier. In general since the dog came from Russian development, most clubs will follow fairly closely to the RFK standard.


Here in the USA we have the American Kennel Club, and Westminster Dog Clubs as the two main organizations with the most prestigeous shows of the year.


Under the AKC each breed is required to have a Mother Club, or  main breed club.  

Ours is the Black Russian Terrier Club of America.  BRTCA for short. is their main site, and you will find a lot of information there, including the current breed standard as accepted by the AKC



You can find the FCI here:  Federation Cynologique Internationale


AKC dog shows take place in every city of average or above size. Nearly every weekend you can find a show in travelling distance. Our breed is so rare here, there will not be many Black Russian Terriers showing.


The BRTCA hold the Nationals every year in the early or late autumn.  2011 is being held this next week at the Purina Farms facility in Gray Summit , MO.  September 19-20.  2012 is to be in Arizona, and 2013 maybe California.



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