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AKC - American Kennel Club


OFFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals


IABCA - International All Breed Canine Association


UKC - United Kennel Club


IFC - International Ferderale Club




BRTCA - Black Russian Terrier Association


BRTCA - National Show

There is just so much to be said for this breed.  It would be nice to go to the local pet store and pick up a reference book. But this breed is so recently developed, and in low enough numbers that you just don't come across many.  And too, that information might be written in something other than English.


Thank goodness for Google Translator!  Even postings in other languages can be translated for you and you can have that much more information to learn.


The first things we learn are the "Standard" characteristics of the breed.  There are several kennel clubs that we reference here, and there are links below for them.


Kennel Clubs are groups of people with dogs that share similar interest in conformation, obedience, agility, carting and etc... These clubs can be small or large putting on a single show to 5 a year.  New breeds can petition, so to speak, to be included in the accepted breeds list.  These breeds are usually added to the miscellaneous category.  


Participating dogs can be registered with proof of breeding, usually a pedigree, or already proven purebred parents.  When you get a dog, you should ask for copies of both parent’s pedigrees, import documents, and certificates of kennel club registrations. It is also a good idea to get the immunization record or a copy of it. There may also be paperwork involved in transferring registration to you.  Hopefully, you have seen health testing results for both parents before you reach this point and understand the potential of any conditions the parents could pass down.


As a potential owner, you need to learn how to research lines and pedigree health on the OFFA website. You can learn a tremendous amount by looking up the sire and dam of any potential litter that you are looking at, then as many siblings as you can find. There is some very good information on how to find a responsible breeder at Any of these breeders I think will give you a quality puppy. If any of you are looking at a potential litter and would like some help checking the OFFA website and discussing any of the health concerns in regard to this breed I would be happy to provide you as much information as I have. Contact me at [email protected] IABCA FCI UKC